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“A young man who we met near the start of the Project has a range of different issues, mainly around anger, the problems he’s suffered have been historic since childhood. He’d never learnt to get over them just live with them. Over the years we have helped him manage his anger and better understand how to live with that and react to situations and

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“My name’s Kev I have worked as a volunteer at the BHP for the past 4 years. I came to work with alcohol & drug issues. I’m a recovering alcoholic and have been for the past 14 years. I share my experiences with people. I’d been refused as a volunteer with many places before because of severe dyslexia, but at the BHP I was

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Before the Project even opened a man named Nauri came to us for help. He’d come from the Middle-East with a bag of needs, the biggest being his struggle with English, he had been pushed from pillar to post by many organisations. Whenever he got a message or post Nauri would come to us for help, as he simply couldn’t read it. Over the

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I was asked to volunteer at the project at the start by John Cook. Given my life experience the chance to help people as part of a team was really appealing to me. I continue to volunteer for a number of reasons. Firstly over the years I’ve built relationships and friendships with a number of people and not only give but have benefited myself.

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Homeless, rejected, abandoned, angry and hurt a young vulnerable adult enters the project. She had no -where to live was highly agitated frustrated and had been involved in fighting drinking taking drugs, used and abused by the only friends she knew. Here begins a life changing, a journey one that has led to not only great changes but great joy. Many hours invested of

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