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15 year lease

The Brierley Hill Project was established in 2008 and has a lease on the building until 2023, so in short, we’re not going anywhere any time soon! We are resolved to continue to serve and help those in need.

Our on-going goals stand as follows:

  • Raise aspiration, hope and self-esteem
  • Support people through issues of poverty, low income and debt.
  • Promote learning, training and employment.
  • Provide opportunity to build friendships, belong and develop as individuals and members of the community.
  • Support people to effectively and consistently manage emotions and challenging circumstances.

In the future we aim to expand our services to wider areas, but our current focus is on individuals and families in the local community. In light of this we are focusing on targeted life support and coaching, providing one-on-one sessions through our mentoring program and weekly sessions.

We continue to be an access point for those in need through our drop-in sessions. Through this we offer support with: job searches, CV writing, crisis, addiction and alcoholism amongst other things. We have extensive links with other organisations enabling us to offer a wider range of services. We continue to make referrals to our many partners, who seek to find resolutions for those in need.

We’re in some ways a small charity project; however the work being done has inspired hundreds of donations from individuals, churches and big international organisations such as the BIG Lottery, Lloyds TSB and Sainsbury’s. We aim to continue to build partnerships and raise funding as we continue to achieve sustainability now that our lottery funding has ended (October 2012).  See our donate page or our finance page.

As a faith based organisation our Christian ethics, to love people regardless of race, gender, past or wrong doings, are at the core of our work. Our project is supported by the Amblecote Christian Centre and the South Street Baptist Church. If you want to know more about Amblecote or SSBC please click on the logos below.


.Amblecote Christian Centre